At The Black Credit Event you will learn:

* Ethical Credit Bureaus Hacks

*How to Get A 800 Credit Score In 90 days

* How To Get A House NO CREDIT CHECK

* How To Get A Luxury Car With EIN ONLY

* How To Get Paid From The Credit Bureaus

*How To Turn A 500 Fico into 50K

*How to Build Business Credit Using EIN ONLY

At The Bosses Brunch Yacht Event You Will Learn:



* How I got my first house NO CREDIT CHECK


* How I learnt Airbnb / Cooperate leasing ( $1,000,000 ) industry

* Learn my $35K+ monthly blueprint

* How I became super host in 25days


 Open Bar Champagne * Private Catering ​ ​ 


Come along, show up for yourself, learn from the best in the business that has made so many others like you independent, happy and successful.