What if 2 CREDIT Goddesses 
meet in a night?

Yes, you heard it right! 

Patrice S. Jordan, the Business Credit Queen, and Rem "Tha Credit Lady" Smith, who is a master in bullying the credit bureaus, are inviting you to a one night all white event!


Remy will teach you how to bully the bureaus through credit HACKS. Meanwhile, Patrice will provide you professional and result-oriented credit services to assist you, entrepreneurs, in establishing and improving your business credit. From the basics to the very advanced talking points in both personal and business CREDIT, these CEOs will give you all the information, secrets, and tips in repairing and maintaining your credit scores, and best of all, how to earn six-figure monthly.

Mark your calendars this LABOR DAY WEEKEND, as Patrice and Remy join forces in this All-White Her CEO Event. 


Don’t miss this ginormous opportunity to be equipped with the gears you need to win the game of CREDITS.

At The Bosses Brunch Yacht Event You Will Learn:


* How I got my first house NO CREDIT CHECK


* How I learnt Airbnb / Cooperate leasing ( $1,000,000 ) industry

* Learn my $35K+ monthly blueprint

* How I became super host in 25days


 Open Bar Champagne * Private Catering ​ ​ 


Come along, show up for yourself, learn from the best in the business that has made so many others like you independent, happy and successful.

At The Black Credit Event You Will Learn:

* Ethical Credit Bureaus Hacks

*How to Get A 800 Credit Score In 90 days

* How To Get A House NO CREDIT CHECK

* How To Get A Luxury Car With EIN ONLY

* How To Get Paid From The Credit Bureaus

*How To Turn A 500 Fico into 50K

*How to Build Business Credit Using EIN ONLY